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Free Instant Life Insurance Quotes
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Are You Looking For A Term Life Insurance Quote?

Term insurance provides protection for a specific number of years. Common policy lengths are 5 year term, 10 year term, 15 year term, 20 year term, 25 year term, and 30 year term.

Compare Term Life Insurance Quotes From Many Companies

What makes unique is our database of over 100 insurance companies. With just a few clicks you can get instant term life insurance quotes for as many combinations of terms and coverage amounts as you want. Do your term insurance shopping at a single website, from your home, and without a salesman.

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Answers to your Questions
  What is ‘term‘ life insurance?
Term Life is a kind of insurance that lasts for a specific number of years. For example, ‘Ten Year Term‘ usually guarantees that the premium will not change for ten years. However, in year eleven one of two things will occur; 1) coverage will terminate, or 2) coverage will continue but the premium will increase, usually substantially.
  What is ‘whole life‘ insurance?
Whole Life is insurance that offers protection for the person's ‘whole‘ life. It doesn't expire. A Whole Life policy also offers a savings component, called ‘cash value,‘ which grows on a tax-deferred basis.
  What is Universal Life?
These days, Universal Life is usually marketed to provide a lower cost, guaranteed premium that will last to age 100 or longer. Unlike Whole Life, there is little or no ‘cash value‘ with Universal Life.
  How can I get the best monthly premiums for the highest coverage?
Term Life has the lowest premiums for a given amount of coverage. Your first step is to get term life insurance quotes from as many companies as you can. Comparing term life quotes for the lowest term life rates makes it easy to decide which insurance company is best for you.


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Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance vs Term Life Insurance

When considering life insurance, one of the questions you'll encounter is whether to buy Term Insurance or Permanent Insurance. Emotions sometimes run high on both sides of the argument, so let's break it down and then you decide.

The word "term" means the number of years the life insurance policy will remain at the same price. Therefore, "Ten Year Term Insurance" is term with level premiums for ten years, after which the premiums will either go up-fast and dramatically-or the policy will just terminate. The downside to term insurance, if we can call it a downside, is that you might outlive the "term." The upside is that Term Insurance is usually very affordable, and therefore has enabled millions of Americans to purchase large amounts of insurance protection.

These days there are four common term insurance choices: 10 Year Term, 15 Year Term, 20 Year Term or 30 Year Term. In all cases the premium is level for the term period. In addition, most term policies will permit you to "convert" the term insurance to "permanent insurance" during the term period.   

The primary use of Term Insurance is to provide protection for a need that is not "permanent." Examples of this would include mortgage protection, or insurance to protect minor children, or to protect a business if a key person died.

"Permanent Insurance" is meant to last for the rest of your life, and includes "Whole Life," "Universal Life" and "Variable Life." Permanent Insurance is more expensive than term because it is providing protection for the "whole life." In other words, rather than providing insurance protection for fifteen or twenty years, Permanent Insurance usually charges the same premium all the way to age ninety-five - sometimes even up to age 121! Most Permanent policies also have Cash Value, which is like a savings account inside of your insurance.

Both types of insurance have a specific purpose-neither is "better" than the other. If you have questions about which type is suitable for you just ask one of our professional staff.

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