How Do You Choose a Life Insurance Agent?

There is an easy way to see a if a life insurance agent knows what he’s talking about.  When any insurance agent comes to see you, or even when you see a stock broker, tell them to bring their own insurance policies or stock portfolio with them.  You want to see if they put their money where their mouth is, but you don’t have to tell them that.  You could just say, “It is important to me that the person I insure (invest) with believes in the products enough to own them themselves.”

Yes, you are being nasty in a sneaky sort of way, but hey, if the person doesn’t own the products himself you probably don’t want to have them as your agent, broker, or advisor.

Sure, there will be exceptions to the rule.  The agent might not own life insurance because he can’t medically qualify, or he might not own a mutual fund because he does his own stock investing.  But these will be the exceptions.

And you know what? More times than not you will find that the agent or broker doesn’t own what he is telling you to buy.  And when that happens, help them out; turn the interview around, and take the sales interview intended for you and do it on them.  It’ll be the turning point of their career.

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  2. Now I dont mean to be a mean bad guy here but Isnt US insurance going downlhill? What do you think? Now I mean first it was bailing those greedy insurance companies and now lack of total responsibility towards an ethical insurance towards the poor. Where is Uncle Sam Heading?

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