Child Life Insurance Policy

I’m sorry it has been a little while since my last post. Things over at have been insanely busy, but that is definitely a great thing!

I wanted to take a minute to talk about life insurance policies on children. It may not seem like a common thing to have life insurance on a child, but you would be very surprised. A lot of parents have the children insured. There are many different reasons for this, so I will go over the most common reasons.

The number one reason isn’t related to protecting a financial loss in the even of a child’s death. It is done for saving money. Most parents would like to see their children go off to college some day in the future, but that can be a hefty bill. A whole life insurance policy can be used to grow money with almost NO risk, and a steady return. As you are paying for a whole life insurance policy, the policy accumulates a “cash value”. Over 10 – 15 years this cash value can be taken out of the policy and used for WHATEVER you want. The original idea being your child’s college education, room & board, and any other expenses he may have.

The main point here is that there aren’t any rules on what you can do with the money. If your son or daughter doesn’t end up going to college, the money can still be used for something else.

Another key point is that a whole life insurance policy grows tax deferred and when you pull out the money, in most cases you are not going to be paying taxes on the money pulled out of the policy.

I feel this is the best way you can save for your child’s future education and I strongly recommend looking into what you can do with whole life insurance. If you would like to have us look into this for you, please send us an email at info (at)

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